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Your Mom Used Vitabath for a Reason

October 5, 2010
By Tracy Cox, Vitabath Staff Writer

When I go into my kitchen to wash dishes, I use the same soap my mom used.  When I wash my clothes, I use the same detergentVintage Dish Soap my mom used.  And when I get in the shower in the morning, I clean up with the same product my mom used…Vitabath!

Why is this?  It isn’t that I’m not capable of trying new products; I just know to trust what my mom has been using for years.  I do this for one reason:  in all of my mom’s years of experience, she’s learned to only use the best.  She knows that the best is Vitabath.

1950's MomMy mom has taught me to steer clear of trendy fad products and stick to the ones with a reliable history.  She knows that Vitabath has been around for over 50 years and she trusts it because she knows that what’s inside the bottle is quality, not fad.

The original creators of Vitabath were European skin care specialists who were seeking out an alternative to traditional alkaline soaps that were notorious for being harsh and drying to the skin.  They blended the finest vitamins and botanical extracts that nature had to offer, creating the original Gelée formula.  Over the years, that formula has only improved with the help of modern science, which is why Vitabath is one of the top premium bath and body products on the market.Vintage Vitabath

Vitabath is an antioxidant rich blend of 23 essential ingredients including Vitamins A, B3, B5, C and E.  This mix was designed to “supplement the skin” rather than dry it out.  Other products may smell nice, but Vitabath is good for the skin, in addition to its wonderful assortment of bold fragrances.

I know my mom would never steer me wrong.  I trust her on what I use to clean my clothes- I definitely trust her about what goes on my skin!  So take your mom’s advice (or mine!) and try Vitabath.  You’ll feel the difference as soon as you do!


Vitabath is InStyle!

August 10, 2010

If you haven’t’ already picked up the fall edition of InStyle Magazine with Jennifer Hudson on the cover, you’ll want to now! Vitabath is excited and proud to display our advertisement right next to the Makeover of the Year focus on Jennifer Hudson. So while you’re thumbing through the article and learning how Ms. Hudson was inspired to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle, perhaps you will find inspiration to pursue healthy skin.

We may not all have the intestinal fortitude to drop ten sizes like Ms. Hudson. That’s why it’s so important to find joy and escape in the small healthy things we do for ourselves. Skincare is luxury for the everyday. Couple a five-minute rejuvenation in the shower using our moisturizing gelée with a sumptuous exfoliation treatment using our sugar scrub. Top it off with our smooth, skin-quenching shea butter hand cream and you can achieve the indulgence of a spa before you even leave your bathroom.

So go out and indulge yourself today, even if it only means a few minutes in your bathtub, with a relaxing soak in your favorite Vitabath fragrance and a copy of InStyle Magazine!

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