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Bath Benefits

November 2, 2010
By Tracy Cox, Vitabath Staff Writer

In this day and age, we are always rush rush rush, go go go.  We take showers as a daily necessity- get clean and get out.   Amid theBathtub hustle and bustle, we’ve lost track of a classic, therapeutic way to cleanse.  With all the stressors that every person deals with daily, perhaps it’s time to consider a change in the routine and revisit the bathtub.

Bathtime used to be a big deal, an event even.  The Romans utilized bathhouses for everything from Roman Bathperformance theaters to relaxation destinations.  The Egyptians took baths for purification purposes prior to worship and the Japanese believed in ritual bathing to cleanse the mind and spirit.  In many of these cases, the resulting clean body was an afterthought.  This goes to show the many ways in which a bath can be beneficial.

Today, we use them to clean our bodies but there are many physical and mental benefits to a bath Woman Bathing

  • Soaking in a tub is a great way to treat large areas, such as for satisfying itchy skin.
  • A warm bath can help relax an anxious mind.
  • The drop in body temperature resulting from a bath can help a person who is having troubles sleeping.
  • Being in the water can take the stress off sore joints and muscles
  • A warm soak may ease the pain caused by sports injuries or arthritis.
  • Baths may reduce inflammation, pain, menstrual cramps and burns.

Consider this the next time you’re about to squeeze your Gelée into your shower pouf, consider using it in your bathwater instead and enjoy the many healing benefits of a nice, warm bath.


Get your SPA on!

August 14, 2010
by Alicia Thompson, Vitabath Staff
Are you as happy as I am that it’s FRIDAY? !!!  It’s been a long week here.  We’ve been busy working on new product ideas, developing a commercial spot and sampling new fragrances.   More on all that later, trust me, but right now I’m ready for some time to relax and rejuvenate. As soon as I get home, I’m treating myself to a little at home spa treatment, and you should too.  Check out my top 5 favorite indulgences for a perfect night in!

Claire Burke Tropical Flowers Filled Candle1.  Make it Glow: Everything looks better with soft lighting; so light some candles and set the mood for relaxation.  The filled candles by Claire Burke® add a warm glow and the Tropical Flowers fragrance is light and breezy.

Vitabath SPA 32oz Gelee2.  Set to Soak: Run a bubble bath with Vitabath Spa Skin Therapy Gelee and soak the day away.  It’s full of great ingredients to rejuvenate my skin and the added sea kelp really keeps me moisturized.

ULTA Nail Polish3.  Mini Pedi: after you’ve soaked those tired feet, treat yourself to a fresh coat of nail polish in a color that will make you smile.  My current fave is Cherries Jubilee from ULTA Beauty.

Vitabath SPA Hand Creme4.  Moisturize: Keep that soothing feeling going by using Vitabath Shea Butter Hand Cream.  It’s packed with 20% shea butter, so you’ll be blissfully soft.

bathrobe5.  Keep it Plush: Sit down with a good book in a super soft bathrobe.  There’s nothing like the feeling of soft cotton.  I’m planning on finishing up “Austenland” tonight while I lounge.

Here’s to a great weekend and some much needed “me” time.  Hope you have a fabulous one too! Email us at and tell us how you unwind after a long day.  You might be invited to do a guest blog or even receive FREE product!

Alicia Thompson is the Marketing Manager for Vitabath®.  Check back soon for more advice on creating the prefect at home spa experience.

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